Sunday, February 16, 2014


Early this week, the fermentation of our latest batch of wine ceased. You know this when the bubbling sounds cease, and when the baume is zero. Time to press.

We borrow a friend's press for this job. It is small, but all we need. Once the wine is pressed, we decant it into glass demijohns (seen at back in this photo) and let the wine settle for a few weeks. The hardest part of this is not to give into the temptation to taste the wine.

This wine is shaping up to be pretty good. We'll end up with about 40 litres or so. In the last few years, we have bought wine grapes to make our wines, and we still have some about the place, so this will probably be it for 2014.


JohnandJean said...

Hi, Have you tried using Oak chips at all? And how long do you leave it in demijohns before bottling?

Paola said...

Hi - Re oak chips, we have used oak chips in the past, which we added after we have racked the wine. This is to separate any sediment from the wine - we will probably rack in about a month's time. These days we use oak barrels. Once racked, and in barrels, we leave the wine for at least 6 months, sometimes longer before bottling. Hope this helps.

JohnandJean said...

Thanks Paola, it does help. I'm always interested in how others make their wine. It is surprising how often a new tip or revelation can be uncovered. In you earlier piece on making the wine you mentioned adding the Sodium Metabisulphite. You used grams when referring to the quantity whereas I use ppm. I calculated your ppm from the gram quantity and found it significantly different. The amount I was adding was wrong. Fortunately not too wrong because an adjustment was being made from KG to litres but nonetheless it was too much. I've adjusted my notes accordingly. So as you can see my interest in your blog has paid dividends.