Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The night the trees exploded

So, the other night a tornado ripped through my area, not 500metres from my house.
There, that's a sentence I never thought I would write on this blog. But it's true.
On Sunday morning at around 3am, a tornado cut a swathe in our area. It's path was about 100metres wide and it travelled over several kilometres inland from the sea. Luckily, ours is an area of acreages, so not too many homes were affected - some were, but not like Kiama about 30 minutes north of here. There, another  tornado took out 5 homes and damaged 80 more.
This tornado travelled across open paddocks and bushland mainly. We overlook a mountain ridge that is covered in trees. You can see clearly where the tornado travelled. There is now a big bare patch where trees used to be. The mountainside looks a bit like a toddler who has hacked at his own hair with scissors.
This tree is over the other side of the ridge, about 3 km from our place. It travelled across a creek on the right,  and took out a couple of farm sheds in a property on the other side of the creek. A total mess, but the home, 50 metres away was unscathed. It is amazing to see how precisely these things wreak havoc.
So in 6 weeks we've endured two 45 degree stinkers, and now we've enjoyed our first tornado, here is our quiet little temperate corner of Australia. Can't wait to see what nature serves up next! Or maybe I can, since she seems to be a very grumpy lady at the moment.

Edited later to add- check out this site for more photos and commentary.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Wow! Glad to hear you escaped any major damage to your property. Has been very dry and hot here (but not in the 40s!) we are hoping for rain in mid March!

africanaussie said...

wow glad to hear you are safe. Hopefully from now on it is just blue skies and sunshine :)

Libby said...

my goodness. How scary. It was windy enough here - I was awake about that time listening to the craziness outside. But wow - A tornado!!! That is crazy. I heard Kiama had been hit with the bad weather but I didn't realize the cause (don't listen to or watch the news so just catch bits and pieces). Glad you are all safe. Hope to catch up with you tomorrow.