Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It rains!

Last Friday

Last Friday I snapped the top picture just as we were gettting the first spits of rain in months. The grass was snap -crackle -pop dry. The shrub roses in the bed in the distance were showing the strain. And we had just removed a conifer from the middle of the nearest bed. It just turned up it's toes and died. You can also just make out the cricket pitch the kids had mown in the middle - a dry,crumbling wicket. A spinner's paradise.
I just shot the second picture. Since Friday we've had 180mm, all good soaking rain. It's rained solidly the last two nights, so much so that I've resorted to jamming my head under the pillow to block out the noise! As you can see, the cricket pitch has disappeared.
This morning I've been out flinging blood and bone on the citrus during a lull, and now the rain has returned it will be soaking in. I've also done a bit of weeding in the vegie patch, and the beds are nicely damp. I think I'll head out again when I've published this post and plant some seeds, and some sweet potatoes. I've never done the sweet potatoes before, so that will be a bit of an experiment.
Of course I'm mindful that all this wonderful rain has come at the cost of some pretty horrendous devestation up north. Thinking of all the folk who will have to deal with the aftermath. Hope you are all relatively dry and enjoying the rain too.


africanaussie said...

wow what a difference a bit of rain makes! this cyclone was very strange and I feel so bad for the people who have just rebuilt their homes after the floods two years ago! Good luck with the sweet potatoes.

Jacana said...

How nice it must be to see green instead of brown.

Libby said...

That's amazing. We've had some crazy weather this Summer haven't we?

farmer_liz said...

isn't it amazing, I forgot to take a "before" photo until it was too late, even a few hours after it started raining it was greener already, and now its BRIGHT green everywhere. We got 300mm, so I hope that's enough to recharge the soil and keep everything going. Glad you didn't get too much either.