Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catastrophic Fire Danger

Those words have me a little apprehensive today. We are in the Shoalhaven, and today the fire danger warning is "catastrophic". Those words are enough to put you on edge, right? It's hot, hot, hot, and dry, and windy.
For the last 24 hours, Action Man and I have been readying the place. We've watered and irrigated all the gardens, especially the fruit trees and vegie gardens. I've picked everything I can, because at 44 degrees predicted I can imagine our produce would cook right there on the ground. We've put extra water out for the sheep and chooks. This morning at 6am  I got dinner ready, so I don't have to switch the cooker on at all today.
Last night we received texts and phone messages from the Rural Fire Service warning about today's conditions. If the RFS's aim was to get us prepared for the worst, it's worked because for the first time ever, I've also dug out our official documents and small valuables, our photo albums and a change of clothes and put them into a bag in case we have to go quickly.
So today we'll be at home with the curtains drawn, trying to keep coo, hoping our plants survive and that I'll be putting everything I've packed back into it's place tomorrow.

Í would have posted photos with this post but Blogger doesn't want to give me my normal option of posting photos from my computer. I don't know why, and don't know how to find out why. Annoying, because I like to have at least one photo with my posts. Wordpress, anyone?


Cathy H said...

hope you all stay safe......

Jacana said...

Sounds HOT and scary.
I have just returned from minus 10 to this Australian heatwave and the system is in shock.
You can use www.picasaweb.google.com to load up your photos whilst blogger are repairing their issue.

Tracy said...

Hope all went well today. I saw fires down your way on the news.
Re. the photos on blogger, I have been having the same issue but you can bypass it by adding photos by using the html option and then click back to compose. Hope they fix the problem soon.

SMB Bearings said...

We're keeping everything crossed for you here, that you all stay safe.

I'll also pray that some of our rain heads your way - you need it & we could do without it, as we have some pretty bad floods already in the UK.