Friday, January 11, 2013

Bush fires, and crazy heat

Thanks for the comments on my last post, everyone.  Thankfully, the "catastrophic"day didn't eventuate. This is the view from the front verandah at 6am that morning. The sky had an eerie glow, and it was already ridiculously hot.
I was a little bit nervous that day - ok, I was a lot nervous! I must explain that we have two good friends who've faced major bushfires - one in Duffy, ACT in 2003 and one in the Black Saturday fires in Victoria in 2009. Both of their stories are pretty confronting. Both had to work to save their houses, and both had moments where they wondered if they had done the right thing in staying to fight the fires. Both stories are imprinted into my brain.
Action Man went to work, where from air conditioned comfort he rang a few times to check how we were. We were shut inside with curtains drawn, although I ventured outside every so often to water the vegies, and check the chooks. The atmosphere was parched, no doubt about it, which is very unusual for us being as we are so close to the sea. Each time, after 10 minutes or so outside I was a ball of sweat, and drank about a litre of water!
At about 3pm, Action Man rang to say he heard someone say something about fires on Back Forest Rd - our road runs off it. I went outside to check, but couldn't smell or see anything. I told the kids to load the car just in case. I tried the RFS website but couldn't bring it up. I paced around for a while wondering what to do. Nothing eventuated of course, who knows what was said? The fires in the Shoalhaven were well away from us, fortunately, and it seems the firies have managed to keep it away from homes so far. It  promises to be another revolting day tomorrow, so here's hoping it all remains the same.

Thanks Tracy for the tip on switching to HTML to upload photos while Blogger seems to have a glitch. I'm a computing klutz, I would never have figured that out for myself. Maybe I should add "get computer literate"to my list of goals for 2013!


Jacana said...

Pardon the pun - but I think I would be like a cat on a hot tin roof right now if I was in your shoes.
Wishing you all the best for what must be such a stressful situtation.

Shauna said...

Goodness me... stay safe comrade. Thinking of you over there!

Anita said...

Those bushfires happening around Australia now and in the past really are intense and when you think back to some of the stories people have experienced it really is frightening. Thinking of you.

Paola said...

Thanks, everyone. Safe and sound, and praying for rain at the moment.