Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lambing 2012 - the continuing story!

This is what our family has been doing every few hours for the last few weeks - feeding our poddy lamb Olympia . She is going great guns after her tough start, and is now over a month old. Hopefully in the next month or so we can wean her off regular feeds as she starts to graze more. Meanwhile, feeding her is good for a laugh. I'll prepare her feed and go over to the paddock where she is with our other sheep, including her layabout mother Susy. Wherever she is, when she sees me she tears over to the fence at full speed. You can almost see her apply the brakes as she skids into the fence for her feed. It's like a cartoon.  Hilarious.
Meanwhile, 16 days ago, we had another lamb born. Action Man came in one night at about 11pm after checking the animals before going to bed. A lamb had been born, but this little one was so small and weak, AM doubted he would survive the night, even though he had seen it feeding. Next morning when I went to feed Olympia, the new lamb was there next to Mum, a tiny little thing. He was so still, I thought he was dead, but he moved his head as I approached. I scooped him up and stuck him under my jumper and held him there for 10 minutes or so to warm him up, while Mum bleated her head off at me. I was willing this one to live. Over the next few days I would  often find him sitting well away from Mum, I think he was just too weak to follow her, so I would pick him up and put him next to his mother, where he would invariably try to feed. So the spirit was willing, and fortunately Mum was doing her bit too. Gradually, his strength has improved and even though he is still a tiny little thing - his name is Tiny Tim - he too is going well.
So that is lambing for this season. Barring fox attacks, we have three healthy lambs, two male and one female.
Roll on spring.