Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Vegie Patch - December

The weather this spring has been stop and start - some blastingly hot days, interspersed with decidedly cool stuff, and not a lot of rain. It's been a challenge. I'm only just now starting to pick vegies after a winter where we put proper borders on the beds and then planted green manure. Essentially, we've started the vegie patch from scratch.
We live near the coast, south of Sydney. I read somewhere recently that our area has the "3rd most temperate climate in the world". I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I'm guessing that it means that our winters are cool, but don't get that cold, and our summers are warm,  but never that hot. Not a bad place to live, and you would think, not a bad place to grow vegetables. But temperate climates throw up challenges. Our winters aren't cold enough for vegies that love the really cold temperatures. They'll grow all right, eventually.  In summer, tomatoes, pumpkins, eggplants and capsicum - all the vegies that enjoy warm weather - take their time as well. For example, seedlings that I put in the garden in October are only just now starting to take off. They might be ready to pick in a month or two. Our eggplants and capsicum are sulking in corners. They have done precisely nothing. And the pumpkins aren't much better. And the beans are taking their time too.
Still, leafy greens fare all right pretty much all year round.  They are going well, as are the beetroot, cucumbers,  zucchini and potatoes, which I expect to pick soon.
Today I planted seeds of lettuce, chicory, beans and more beetroot, after cultivating the soil and adding spades of compost and worm castings. Hopefully with some warmer weather these seeds will get a wriggle on fairly quickly.


africanaussie said...

I think every area has its challenges. I planted humidity and heat loving veggies, but the wet season seem slow in coming, so they are also just waiting, waiting.

Paola said...

Yes, I agree - every area would have its challenges..