Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Heart Composting

A few weeks ago I was watching Gardening Australia. They showed a segment where people were telling the interviewer what they liked most about gardening. One youngish girl, maybe in her 20s said, I like composting best.
This totally chimed with me - strange as it may seem, I too get the more satisfaction from the compost bin than almost out of anything else in the garden. It's just the thought of turning green waste into something useful that appeals to me.
My compost bin at the moment  contains Compost of Awesomeness. Along with kitchen scraps, I have a pile of dried grass clippings and sheep droppings which Action Man has swept up in the mower and dumped next to the bin. When I dump a bucket of kitchen scraps into the bin, I cover it with grass clippings. Occasionally I add chicken manure and shredded paper. Turn over with a fork, and water every week or so. The heat in the bin is amazing. And the stuff at the bottom of the bin is amazing too. The worms just love it. And the smell. I love it.
The other thing I like about composting is that if you follow the recipe, it never fails.

Which bit of gardening gives you the most satisfaction?


deeps said...

pin pointing is not easy because every part is important right?

Kate said...

Composting! Definitely my favourite part (apart from finding the asparagus spears before anyone else and eating them in the garden). Compost won first place only after I discovered bokashi through a Wollongong Council course and it's revolutionised my composting. I keep two bins going now and they move once or twice a year, always being strategically placed next to a fruit tree that needs some encouragement or in a patch where I want to grow something special the following year.

africanaussie said...

Oh I know, I also thought it was wonderful to see that young girl say composting was her favourite! I added my pawpaw seeds and skin to the bin before work this morning and gave it a little stir. It is a little like magic isn't it? you throw in all the bits of rubbish and out of the bottom comes black gold!

Becc said...

I love composting too, but I love my worm farm just a little bit more!