Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas preparations

In the last week or so, I can't count how many people asked me "Ready for Christmas?" Er, no. Apart from making this Christmas pudding, which I made about two weeks ago I have done zero, nada, zilch.
I do enjoy Christmas. What I don't enjoy is how it seems to go for so l-o-n-g. It seems to start about the first week of Noivember. By the time Christmas day rolls around, you're completely over it. The ideal to me would be to start thinking about it a week before, have a great day, decorations down. Wait for next year.
But I do live in the real world, so I guess I should get myself organised this week. I need to make another pudding, so I need a day (not too hot!) to do that. Christmas cards written and sent.
Presents bought. I am pretty lucky in this regard. I have a large family on my side - four brothers, their wives and nine nieces and nephews. We used to do kris kringle among the adults, and give presents to all the children. A few years ago the adults just looked at each other and agreed - too much! So now we don't do presents among the adults, and do kris kringle with the kids, so they receive one present each. My brothers will receive some of our 2011 Merlot and a bottle of homemade limoncello. Apart from my mother-in-law there are no others to consider on Action Man's side.  Action Man and I have agreed no presents to each other this year.

As for Christmas dinner, my family gathers at my parents' place, which is big enough to accommodate everyone. We all contribute something - our contribution is a leg ham, which I glaze on Christmas Eve and the two puddings. So getting ready for Christmas dinner isn't too bad, but I do tend to find myself stationed at the sink for long periods on the day.

So that's it really. Not too onerous. Hope your Christmas preps are going well.


SMB Bearings said...

Lucky girl! I am hosting this year, six adults, numerous kids & just as many pets. I am looking forward to it, but am worried that our two bedroom flat is going to burst at the seams!!

Wishing you the very best for the festive season & the coming year.

Paola said...

SMB - what can I say, but good luck! We spent three years in the UK in the 90s so I can imagine what all those people in your flat could be like! At least here we have the option of turfing the kids outside to play..

SMB Bearings said...

I may resort to hiding in the airing cupboard with a box of biscuits & a glass of wine & leave everyone else to it...