Monday, December 17, 2012

Asian hand cultivator

I'm not one for accumulating the latest gadgets, but I do revere a good tool. Thought readers mightbe interested in this Asian hand cultivator that I bought from Green Harvest online a few months ago. The Green Harvest blurb has it as a tool dating back to the Bronze Age. By golly, it's a beauty.
Since buying this, the spade, garden fork, hoe, hand trowel and hand fork have all been relegated to the corner. I do all the vegie gardening with this one tool - cultivating, digging, planting, everything. It is an excellent weeder. This makes me very happy, as weeding is my least favoured chore. You just have to go trawling through my past posts on gardening to see the evidence of my aversion to weeding. This tool makes weeding a snap, whether the ground is wet or dry.
It's other upside is that using this tool instead of more conventional tools takes the strain off my dodgy elbows. All the action is in the wrists.
It's not cheap (about $40 or so from memory) but it seems well built, in Korea of all places.

Here's the link if you're interested - Asian Hand Cultivator

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