Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to process coffee beans - Part 2

So, you've picked your coffee beans. You've popped them out of their soft red outer shell. You've left them to ferment in a bit of water for a day or so. You are ready for the next stage - here is the first batch of coffee beans for the season drying in the sun in my garden sieve. It's the best thing I've found for the job so far.
The slimy coating on the fresh coffee bean has dried and hardened. Now to getting that dry outer shell off. No, sadly, kbenco, I have no magic method for making this task less tedious. While the initial peeling of the beans prior to drying is kind of fun and addictive (a bit like popping bubble plastic, or is that just me?), dehusking coffee beans is hard graft, because each bean has to be done INDIVIDUALLY. This hasn't been too onerous to date, because our harvests have never been that big. This year however, we have heaps, easily four times more than usual. Hmmm - child labour/bribery might be in order here.

Bridget - We planted our coffee bushes nearly 10 years ago. They were slow to grow to start with. From memory, I think we started picking coffee beans in the third year. They are now each over 2 metres tall.

Tracy - The homegrown coffee, once you finally get to the brewing stage, tastes just great. So, I guess it is all worth the time and trouble.

Thanks too to everyone re comments on my lack-of-work situation. We are very fortunate in that we  manage ok on one income - I know so many families rely on two incomes. And I fully intend to  use this gift of spare time to the max, because who knows what's round the corner? I can't control the economy, but I can control my attitude.


kbenco said...

No marvellous trick? I had a sneaking suspicion that there was no easy peeling solution. ;( Unfortunately my children are very resistant to child labour in relation to coffee, as they don't drink it! If only I could grow cocoa beans..... I am waiting for your roasting tips post (I hope you plan to write one) - The cast iron frying pan technique I have used so far could do with improvement.

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