Monday, November 26, 2012

Good garlic

One of the mysteries of life I frequently contemplate is the almost impossibility of buying garlic grown in Australia in Australia, especially in the Colesworths of the world. Why is this so? We seem to be able to grow and sell everything else, but when it comes to garlic - no can do. Does anyone out there know the reason?
I'm a bit dubious about imported garlic. I have vague recollections of reports that Chinese garlic and like are fumigated/sprayed to pieces to prevent them rotting. Spooky.
Never mind, garlic is easy to grow. It only takes up a square metre or so in the garden. This is about half of the garlic I've grown for this year, more to come. Just in a nick of time too, as I had just about used up last year's garlic. The garlic bulbs are now drying off in the sun. Then they'll be stored in a basket in the pantry, where they seem to do ok for nearly a year.
Meanwhile, the coffee dehusking carries on. Last night, for example, I sat down for about 45 minutes and dehusked a couple of handfuls of coffee beans. Remember, this is done bean by bean with your fingers. After 45 minutes I decided to weigh the results. 16 grams - only! I weighed all the beans Action Man, myself and the kids had done over the last week - 180 grams! Yep, this is a slow old process. The only way to approach it is to come over all Zen-like and treat it as a daily meditation.  We have heaps more beans drying and on the bushes still to dry. I can see myself dehusking coffee for months, years maybe after which time I'll be a Zen master. Or something like that!


Linda Woodrow said...

We have discovered that the blunt plastic blade in the food processor, wrapped in electrical tape to make it even blunter, does a good job dehusking coffee beans.

Paola said...

Linda - thank you for the tip. I'll definitely give it a try.

africanaussie said...

Oh I wish we could grow garlic, yours looks yummy