Monday, August 6, 2012

Nice lemons!

Still not much happening in the garden at the moment, but I thought I'd share a picture of my lemon tree. Doesn't it look lovely? So lovely that I've kept the lemons on it for the moment. They look better there than in a bucket in my pantry waiting for me to do something with them.
This lemon tree was the only productive thing on our 5 acres when we bought this place nine years . It's been a pretty good tree since, but this year with all the rain we've had, the lemons are fat and heavy with juice. The best ever crop.
The tree looks are bit sparse at the bottom. This would be because the sheep gave it an unscheduled prune a few weeks ago.
Speaking of sheep, our little hand-fed lamb is going great guns. Mum Susy continues to be a write-off as a mother. Very weird, because her mothering instincts to date have always been fine. Who knows? We don't.
Today is fine but the August winds are blowing hard. I had plans to be outside but I've changed my mind. I can work outdoors in the rain, no problem. In fact, I quite like it. But wind sets my teeth on edge.


Jacana said...

Have just started to grow a lemon tree. If it even looks half as good as this in a few years I will be wrapped. What is the fertiliser you should use on a lemon trees - do you know?

Paola said...

Hi Jacana - the best fertilizer to use on citrus is chicken manure, either your own (but make sure it isn't fresh as it is too strong when fresh), or a product like Dynamic Lifter which is pelletised chicken manure. And keep the water up to it. Good luck!