Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Name that lamb

This is me, fresh from a few hours' gardening - digging, pruning, gathering sheep droppings for the compost etc - which accounts for my dishevelled appearance. I'm holding my new constant companion, a five day old female lamb.
She got into the spirit of things, and was literally at my heels the whole time. I do feel sorry for her. While the other lambs are with their mothers, she spends her time all alone in the paddock. So while she is relatively small we are giving her lots of cuddles. At night we bring her into a little enclosure that we have near the house. There are foxes about, and we'd hate to lose her.
Anyway, she needs a name. Any suggestions?


Kate said...

Mintie! (Definitely not "Mint Sauce" though).

Paola said...

Like that!