Friday, August 3, 2012


The last few days have seen the birth of three lambs - one to go. Above is a beautiful little boy, born to the ewe with the most personality, the Woolly Jumper.
Yesterday morning we woke to find Susy had also lambed, but for some unknown reason, she has rejected this lamb. Doesn't want a baa of her (sorry, couldn't resist a pun!). She's an older ewe and she's had a few lambs now. Maybe she's just over this whole lambing thing.
Fortunately, the lamb is strong. We've been hand feeding her every couple of hours. She's eating well, and already knows that a pair of human legs equals food.
The plaintive cries though are pretty heartrending. We have her in a little enclosure with Mum. The lamb is trying to feed from her mother, but Mum is completely ignoring her. 
Gee, nature is cruel.
So we are all acting as surrogate mothers. I predict this lamb will be a pet for years to come. Any suggestions for names??


Tracy said...

Love the lamby picture. We are still a couple of months off here.

Jacana said...

The term black sheep of the family is an idiom. Mum's name is Susy - so my suggestion is to take the S from mum's name and a bit of the word idiom and call him Sid.

Jacana said...

Sorry - just re read the post is it a female lamb? If so then perhaps Disy as in disee - di from idiom and sy from Susy.

Paola said...

Hi Jacana - yes, our little orphan is a female. She's lovely.