Thursday, August 2, 2012

Continuing a Grand Tradition

Continuing the Grand Tradition here at Spades and Spoons of Inconsistency in Blogging. After an active (for  me) June, I went on to have an unproductive July. Here's why...
As the name implies, this blog is mainly about gardening and cooking. In both departments over the last month, though, things have been less than inspiring.
In the "Spades", or gardening department, it's been quiet. The renewed vegie patch has been planted with green manure ready for spring. I have also planted this year's garlic, and have a few lettuces and silverbeet in there. Apart from that the order of the day has been pruning - 100 grape vines, fruit trees and some rose bushes. Try as I might, I can't think of one interesting thing to say about pruning. I've already blogged about how to prune a grape vine. I don't think I'm doing the fruit tree pruning "right" so I'm loathe to blog about that - I don't want to give out uninformed advice (hey, but it hasn't stopped me before!). And that's it out the back. No material there.
As for "Spoons", my kitchen capers have been curtailed by a run-in with the tape measure. I don't weigh myself as a rule. But I had a suspicion that I'd been putting on weight over the last few months by the fit of my clothes. Anyway, early last week I decided to start on the Beignet skirt from Colette patterns. With multiple panels, a lining and 12 buttonholes, this was going to be the most complicated skirt I'd yet attempted. I have some beautiful corduroy I bought in New York, and some lovely material for a lining.  I was psyched for a major work here. I was going to take my time and do everything properly, as opposed to my normal rush jobs (which aren't that fast either).
In line with this philosophy, I uncharacteristically decided to actually take my measurements. My weight and shape are normally pretty stable, but as I mentioned, I noticed my clothes were "filling out", so I fronted up to the tape measure.
Sigh. It seems that the last few months jobless and with plenty of time to bake and eat my way through David Herbert's Best Ever Baking Recipes had me indeed at my "baking weight", as suspected (whatever that is, as I haven't weighed myself.).
No way was I going to make the investment in time and material in the Beignet skirt at this weight. Plus I felt that I had to change my habits before things got completely out of hand.  There was nothing for it but to shelve my sewing plans, and dig out my Weight Watchers materials from 2002. I lost about 10 post-baby kilos with Weight Watchers then. I love food and cooking, and hate diets, but I could live with WW. Nothing for it but to go back on the program.
The thing about WW though, is that to be successful , I have to "dumb down" my cooking quite a bit. The WW is good nutrition, but it doesn't accommodate too much in the way of fancy, or complicated cooking, and certainly not baking. So it's plain food around here for the time being at least.
So, there you have it, a dearth of subjects recently  for a gardening/cooking blog. The other thing is that until I shift the weight (or the centimetres) there won't be any clothes sewing. I have a few home dec projects I could do, but the interest factor in them is pretty minimal.
Still, spring is around the corner, and things will be hotting up in the garden. And though I don't wish to turn this into a weight-loss blog, I could post some of the low-fat cooking I've been doing, if I find a dish interesting enough. Maybe.

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Sonia said...

Oh dear, it sounds like it all's getting you down. I think all your readers can relate to at least one the things you've written here - weight issues, wanting to blog more, thinking that what you post will be uninteresting....

Don't underestimate the stuff you do. Your day is sooo different to mine. The simplest things and some pretty photos of the garden is interesting enough for me anyway. Maybe you're being too hard on yourself...not that I'm trying to analyse you!

Just like this post, I'm always happy to read about your day.

Hang in there.