Monday, June 4, 2012

Vitamin D Deficiency - the update

In October last year, I was taken aback to find out that I was Vitamin D deficient. Taken aback, because I never considered that Vitamin D deficiency was something that I would ever have to worry about. Every health message I've ever received regarding sun exposure has been to cover up, that in Australia our day-to-day doings provide more than enough Vitamin D. So, I am pretty religious about the sunblock, and I always cover up in the sun.
For the months since then I've been taking a Vitamin D supplement of 3,000mg per day, and today I've found out that I don't need to take the supplements anymore as my readings are well within the normal range.
It's interesting. The post I did on this attracted more comments than normal, and speaking to people around the traps confirmed that Vitamin D deficiency is more common than I would have imagined. Then earlier this year Choice Magazine did a feature on Vitamin D.
I have to admit that I didn't put myself out there for a lot of extra sun exposure - after years of putting on a hat and covering up in the sun, I just don't feel right going out without a hat and long sleeves. Also, when I go outside it is generally for a long period to walk or to garden, and it's just more practical to get "suited up" before I go out. I will interested to see how my levels track over the next few months.


Tracy said...

I have heard of more Vitamin D deficiency of late. I hope you are on top of it now and feeling good.
Best wishes

Michelle said...

Sun exposure is the best thing to do and it's free. Don't use sunblock it won't help. You just have to know when is the right time for the sun exposure. Having low vitamin d is linked in so many health problems and I hope your vitamin d levels is back to normal now.

Unknown said...

I was in the dark too (forgive the pun), and realise now how complacent I have been about nutrition (not just vitamin D) for all my adult life.
No matter that my mum, a trained nurse, worried to rear her young with sufficient nutrition, I did not get that eating liver twice a month was both cheap and a good source of vitamin A (100g or beef/lamb liver provides ~7 days vitamin A... yes, we also convert some from beta-carotene IF our health leaves us competent to do so, but I digress)
I wince every time the media in the UK (here) start spouting the usual nonsense: supplements are dangerous, all you need is contained in a good balanced diet!!!
Nope. Vitamin D requires both sun exposure and competent biochemistry (less effective in the obese and the elderly, amongst certain other groups).

I am taking supplements averaging 1000iu daily after beginning on 3000iu, and so far I find that my asthma is noticeably improved.
I also realise that a little more sunshine for this IT worker is a good idea, even if that is just sitting outside for a drink before or after the strongest sun of the day.