Friday, June 22, 2012

Virtual move

In our first 12 years of marriage, we moved nine times, thanks to Action Man's employment with the Defence Forces.
As you might imagine there was a certain amount of tiresomeness that came with moving constantly. However, it did mean that we didn't accumulate much stuff. Each move was an opportunity to jettison the excess.
We've been in this home now for nine years. I've been well aware that our cupboards could do with a clean out for a while now. Losing my paid job has given me an opportunity to go through every nook and cranny to clear out the excess.
I went systematically from one end of the house to the other. I pretended we were about to move, and with each article I would ask myself one question: "If we were moving, would this come with us or would we ditch it?" An easy enough question, and very effective.
If the answer was "ditch it" I would decide then whether to chuck it, take it to the recycling centre or donate it. The above lot was stuff waiting for a friend to pick it up to sell at her church's jumble sale.
I now need to take old computers to the council recycling centre. I also need to contact the Salvos to pick up furniture: some lounge chairs, a heater, a bed and a computer desk. Then it will be DONE! Hooray!
This has been a huge, and niggling, task that I am very extrememly happy to have off my plate.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Must be a lovely feeling! Have much excess to get rid of here, am working my way slowly through it!

Libby said...

Well done, what a great job. I so need to get stuck back into decluttering again. I did made a "small" start in the scrapbook room this week but I seem to have no motivation at the moment, or I'm too sore.

Paola said...

Yep, having less clutter around makes life easier.Libby, my scrapbooking stuff is one area that still needs a bit of a go-through.