Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My gardening bookshelf

 I am the sort of person, who, when she needs to do something will automatically reach for a book. Poach an egg? Get a book out. Raise a child? Read the books. Grow a lettuce? Where's that book?
The books above are those I reach for most frequently when it comes to gardening:

Harvest by Meredith Kirton - This is a beautiful book. It has great pictures and is packed with information about almost anything you can think about in relation  to the edible garden. This book not only informs, it inspires. If I need a bit of a push off the couch to get out into the garden, five minutes with this book and a cup of tea does the trick...
 The Practical Australian Gardener by Peter Cundall - The main reason I like this book so much is that it is set out in months, with explanations of all the jobs you need to do in any given month. For me, it's a case of consulting this book to get an idea of what I should be getting on with at that time.

Organic Vegetable Gardening by Annette McFarlane - Whenever I go to plant anything, a quick consult with this book ensures I get the planting right. An excellent resource for all organic growing. Annette has a book out Organic Fruit Growing, that I'll think I'll check out too.

Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia by Louis Glowinski - There's no doubt about it, Louis has written a comprehensive book on all things fruit growing. At times a bit wordy, but certainly comprehensive.

Do you have any favourite gardening books?


africanaussie said...

A lot of the gardening books don't address all the problems we face int he tropics. There is one book that I have got out of the library quite a few times though....

Paola said...

I can understand that - most of the books seem to be aimed at temperate climates. Harvest has a good range though..