Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muesli Slice - Fail

In the interests of Truth in Blogging, see above today's baking effort - Muesli Slice. The recipe was new-to-me, the Muesli Slice in David Herbert's Best-Ever Baking Recipes.
As with all baking recipes, I followed this recipe to the letter. There is no flour in the recipe which raised a question in my mind, but as I had never had any trouble at all with any David Herbert recipe, I ploughed on.
A bit of a fail, shall we say. The Slice crumbled into smithereens as soon as I lifted it from the baking tin.
I can see this ending up as the crumble on a few apple crumbles in the next few weeks.
Sigh. Back to the baking tins.


africanaussie said...

I have never had much success with muesli slice as they always have so much butter and sugar. Unlike you I never follow a recipe exactly - always halve the sugar, replace half the fat with applesauce etc. I always thought if I just followed the recipes they would always work out. Maybe not even then....glad to know

Sonia said...

I've had more failures with muesli slices than anything else. But I found out something by accident that may help. I did a White Christmas last year that pretty much fell apart like your slice. I was so annoyed because it was such a simple thing to bake and I stuffed it so I did it again the very next day and it worked. The difference? I used my hands not a spoon to mix the ingredients together.

My thinking is this - unless there is something on the base like a biscuit base or chocolate to hold it together then you have to ensure that the binding agent (e.g. butter, honey) needs to get to every single oat. Get stuck in and mix thoroughly with your hands.

Since then all my slices have held together.

Paola said...

africanaussie and Sonia - thank you so much for your feedback. I'll try both approaches (looking forward to getting stuck in with my hands especially :)). Thanks!

Libby said...

It's so annoying when recipes don't turn out. Did it at least taste good?