Thursday, June 21, 2012

Made by Me - Vogue V1250

Although I seem to live in pants, it behoves me sometimes to wear a dress! Mum, my children remark, you've got legs!
This is Vogue 1250, a Donna Karan pattern, which was rated one of the Best Patterns of 2011 on Pattern Review.
To make it I used a jersey I bought at Paron Fabrics in NYC. It's a lovely fabric (I think rayon blend, I could be wrong - I really should get in the habit of noting exactly what I'm buying, especially knits), a nice weight and drape for this pattern.
The fabric was great for the pattern. The pattern itself is rated Easy, and it was. It has only two pieces, with the front cut on the fold, including the entire skirt, which is sewn up the back. No side seams. Then there is an upper back pattern. The only fit adjustment I made was to lengthen below the waist 5 cms.
So the fabric was great, the pattern straightforward and interesting. I'm just not loving it as I thought I would. Perhaps it's because of its winter guise, with tights and over a turtleneck. Maybe it will look better on its own with some sandals in summer. Maybe.
Also not loving that ripply hem. I've applied the twin needle to the hem which I have done many times on knits with good results. This hem, though, just wants to ripple. I dunno why, and I dunno if I can be bothered to fix it.

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Libby said...

Just gorgeous Paola - both you and the dress :-). Just a clever lady to have made this yourself.