Sunday, June 3, 2012

Made by Me - Jo Sharp Reversible Wrap

This is the latest in my intermittent series of Made by Me makes - the Reversible Wrap from Jo Sharp's Knit Book 10.
What makes this reversible is the fact that you can wear this as shown, or upside down as it were, to make a bolero. Sewn together from three rectangles, it really is pretty ingenious, and perfect for a beginner knitter (like me) or if you want a switch-your-brain off make.
I'm pretty happy with this jumper, although it could do with an extra couple of centimetres for the arms. This doesn't bother me too much. I have proportionately long arms and have come to accept three quarter sleeves as normal. I should have anticipated that one - oh well, live and learn.
As for cost, I would put this in the "cheap luxury" category. The yarn cost over $100, so it is by no means cheap to make. But the yarn, Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed is a wool/silk/cashmere blend. It feels fabulous and cosy, without suffocating me.  Would I be able to purchase a jumper made from these fibres for $100? Answer:  no way. You see, cheap luxury.

By the way, my friend-in-blogging, Libby has challenged herself to post every day on her blog Life is a Journey not a Destination. Coincidentally, I'd been thinking along the same lines, so I'm joining her. Here's hoping for some blogworthy material!!
Meanwhile, Tracy on Sunny Corner Farm is doing an interesting Photo A Day Challenge. Check 'em out!


Libby said...

Oh, that wrap is just gorgeous. And I love the colour on you. I wonder if I could manage to make something like that.
Glad you're joining me in the challenge.

Sonia said...

That yarn sounds deliciously luxurious indeed. And a treat to see you pose in it too!
Noice one.

kbenco said...

It looks terrific. I made one last winter, and fortunately for me, the sleeves dropped a bit with wear, and I blocked them that way after washing it, so maybe yours will grow a little too?