Thursday, June 14, 2012

Days like these...

Yes, I missed a blog post yesterday, thus failing in the Blog-Post-a-Day for June challenge. Here's why:

The day started inauspiciously. It had been pelting rain all night. I walked out the back door in my bare feet to retrieve something from the verandah and stepped on a leech! Yechh!! I'm fine with most animals that seem to perturb other people: snakes, spiders, cockroaches, rodents..not a problem. But leeches make me feel seriously faint. It stems from the time years ago when I went bushwalking in the Blue Mountains. At the end of the day, I removed my shoe to find my sock sodden with blood. A leech had made it's way down into my shoe and was having a merry time feeding away. It was huge! By the way, if you want to make a wound stop bleeding after removing a leech (they inject an anticoagulant to help the blood run more freely and stop a scab forming) apply black pepper. It worked a treat that day.
That set the tone for the day.
I went grocery shopping. When it came to pay, I decided to use EFTPOS, and also withdraw $150 cash. I walked away without the cash. D'oh! I realised this when I went to pay for some meat at the butcher. No cash. Then a big kerfuffle ringing head office because you can't ring the local store directly, etc etc., after upending everything looking for the money.  (Happy ending, today, though. Their reconciliation located my money.)
Absentmindedness continued. I put a pot of pasta on to boil for the dog, then walked away to read some blogs. Smell travelling through the house told me I'd allowed the pot to boil dry. Removed okay pasta, then spent 1/2 hour removed the gunk off the burnt saucepan with multiple applications of bicarb and vinegar.
Our regular 3 monthly servicing on the Envirocycle tank revealed that we needed a new air blower. Ta ta $500!
Developed sore throat and earache through the day.
It rained solidly all afternoon. By dinner my mood matched the colour of the sky.
At least New South Wales won the State of Origin game last night.
And that was my June 13th.


Cathy said...

Good job it wasn't a Friday - you never know what else might have happened!
Take care
Cathy - who is travelling along the Post-a-day road with you

Libby said...

Poor Paola. What a horrible day. Glad they tracked down your money. I'd say you had a years bad luck in one day so you should be all set now :-).