Sunday, June 10, 2012

Building raised vegie beds

The before shot
 First off, I did try to post this last night to make my "post every day in June" challenge, but the satellite wasn't allowing me to upload photos for some reason. I tried, I really did...

When we returned from our trip, our vegie patch resembled a jungle. After weeding it, it didn't look much better. Our beds were raised, but with no borders. Chooks were kept out with chicken wire and stakes. Two words, "ramshackle" and "eyesore" leap to mind. Check out the "before" shot for an idea.
As we had nothing growing, except two rhubarb plants, it was a good time to get some proper raised beds, WITH BORDERS, built.  And it's a long weekend here - the planets were aligned!
Yesterday, Action Man and I got stuck in to the job. This is what we achieved in about 5 hours work:

At the end of Day 1 - much better!
Hopefully we will finish off the beds today. We will end up with eight beds. I plan to use one bed for asparagus, one bed for artichoke and rhubarb. Then I'll use the remaining beds for vegies, using rotational planting for the first time. Until now I've just used the rough philosophy of not planting the same vegie in the same area two times running. It's worked pretty well until now! I'm planning on planting a few winter lettuces and garlic, and then planting green manure in the rest until spring planting.
How's your weekend going?

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