Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Made by Me - Self Drafted Moleskin Pants

The reason I took up sewing for myself in earnest a few years ago was pants. Despite an appreciation for the skirt, my life dictates I wear pants most of the time. At the time, I found the whole exercise of finding pants that fit me disheartening. If pants fit me around the hips, they swam around the waist, which meant that I was constantly hoiking up my pants because my waistband ended up around my hips. Not a great look. Then the hipster pants fashion came into vogue. Thanks, but after two kids I need coverage in the tummy area. And they were never long enough. It was doing my head in. I realised the only way to get what I wanted and needed was to sew myself.
Seamstresses will know that fitting pants is quite an undertaking. There is so much going on, so many curves too take care of. But in this regard, I had a stroke of luck.
Not long after I started to sew I found  Pattern Review. Among other things, Pattern Review offers online courses. I was lucky enough to take part in fitting courses offered by Shannon Gifford. This was a great investment, as I now have a pants pattern that fits me. You can't imagine how happy this makes me.
I have to confess that I made up these pants without doing any measurements whatsoever. I knew my other pants still fit ok, so I cut away. Ok, I might have been a teensy bit reckless here, but it worked!
I have altered the basic pattern with darts to make a pant with straight legs, and a deep-ish yoke, eliminating the darts and fly front. I don't do pockets or any other embellishment. It's a simple basic pair of pants, and it suits me fine!
I bought the moleskin fabric last year at Fabric Finesse in Bowral. I'd been coveting moleskin ever since I had to give away my pre-baby moleskin jeans. Those jeans were warm, and in winter I look for warmth.
With my pants I always reinforce the waist seam and crotch seam with twill tape. I always interface my hems too. Apart from this, my pants are a straightforward make.
Worn above with the Jo Sharp reversible wrap and a merino jersey turtleneck top made from a Burda pattern 2010(?)


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Wow very impressive, must be very satisfying to wear them. Moleskin is a great Winter fabric eh.

Libby said...

Such a clever girl. They look fabulous. Actually I love this photo of you. Thanks for the knitting pattern and photos - they turned up super quick.