Saturday, June 16, 2012

Aloe vera

Last weekend whilst I was working in the garden building raised vegie beds, something bitey worked its way up my trouser leg and sunk its fangs into me five times just behind the knee. The bites stung at the time, but the main torment has been the itch ever since.
I've been using aloe vera to soothe the itch. You just break off a leaf. The leaf oozes a gel that you smear onto your skin, and the itch disappears like magic. Great stuff on sunburn too, I'm told.
It's easy to strike aloe vera. My aloe vera plant came from my friend Jan who gave me a pup, a couple of leaves with some roots, from her plant years ago. It's now flourished in it's full-shade position. It also has quite a nice flower.
That's one of the nice things bout gardening - sharing plants and seeds.


Tania @ Out Back said...

I have aloe vera growing and it is doing well. I was given a piece from a friend too and it is about to come into flower for the first time :)

I believe it has good medicinal value ...


africanaussie said...

Oh gosh I hope it was nothing bad - don't like the sound of fangs. Aloe vera is amazing - I have also heard the gel is good to drink and tried it a couple of times, but not enough to really judge its benefit - must really do it again.