Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our house sits on the land of a former dairy, and abuts crown land on one side. We have a fair bit of wildlife. Snakes in summer, especially. Frogs and lizards. Turtles. Wallabies. Rabbits, hares and foxes (too many of them unfortunately). Tons of birds. And the occasional echidna, like this one.
This one was found a few metres from the back door last week. I knew it was there because Dash was going absolutely ballistic. It was his first ever echidna, and he didn't know what to make of it. He must have gone in for the nip before I got there, because he knew not to go near it. He just barked and barked. Meanwhile the echidna was doing its best to burrow into the dirt.
Even though Dash wasn't getting near him, the din of his barking must have been pretty traumatic, so I dragged the dog inside, and crossed my fingers that the echidna would move on. It did, but hung around the house for a few days.  Dash would erupt into barking at intervals and I would know that he had found the echidna. So I would drag him inside and tell the echidna to move on. Eventually it did because Dash hasn't had a barking fit for a while now.

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Christine said...

What a lovely visitor! It sounds like your dog was certainly baffled by it's presence!

We haven't seen an echidna here for a year or so. When we saw our last one I kept telling my daughters that is was Mrs Tiggywinkle from the Beatrix Potter books!