Friday, May 18, 2012

Crazy weather

Thanks for the feedback on my gardening dilemma. I think I'll go the green manure after all, and give broad beans a try. Tracy, you are right, a garden is a good substitute for the gym - better in fact. I take your point, too, africanaussie, about mulch. I did have mulch on the garden, but obviously not enough. I have prunings in a pile that could be turned into mulch too. Truth is though, I am scared of our mulcher.

As I have mentioned before, we had an unusually cool, wet summer in these parts. But this May has so far been the driest in 130 years. Last week we had a run of beautiful days in the high 20s. So while I am contemplating pruning the grape vines this winter, the vines have gone off and pushed out new growth only about 3 months too early.
Actually, Action Man is still cogitating on whether to pull out the grape vines altogether. They do require a fair bit of attention - pruning, netting, and constant spraying in summer. And for the last three years, all the effort has amounted to nothing, as very wet summers have spoiled the grapes well before they can be harvested.
Should they stay, and we persevere, or should we declare grapes a failed experiment and get on with stuff that might yield results?
What do you think?

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