Friday, March 16, 2012

Made By Me No. 4- Burda top February 2008

A recent, eye-watering make using Burda magazine February 2008 edition. This is the fourth time I've made this top. The first time was four years ago when I first started sewing my own clothes and if I remember rightly it took me quite a while. This one took a couple of short sessions, and I didn't refer to the instructions.  I guess I'm making progress.
This is one of those makes that keeps me sewing.  Simple, straightforward, no fuss, and I like the end result very much.
Someone asked me the other day whether I sew for my daughter. The answer is no, but that's not from want of trying. I've asked her many times if she would like me to make her something, taken her on fabric shopping expeditions, shown her patterns that I think would suit her, but the reaction is a bit lukewarm. Without a bit more enthusiasm I'm a bit reticent to devote time to making a garment that she won't wear. She hasn't expressed it this way but maybe she doesn't want to wear homemade clothes?
A bit of a contrast to how it was with me and my mother. Mum made practically everything I wore, and I took a keen interest in plans for garments from a young age. But then, home sewing was a lot more common then - I certainly wasn't the only one wearing clothes made by mum. Even though wasn't so keen to have a go myself at sewing when I was young (why make something wonky, when I had an excellent dressmaker happy to make me stuff) I got that making your own clothes was something you did. And I must have been learning something by osmosis perhaps, because when I finally got around to learning myself I knew my way around a machine.


Libby said...

Looks gorgeous. Love how colourful it is.

Paola said...

Thanks Libby!

Anonymous said...

I love the print too, it really suits you.

Kristy said...

I remember going through a long phase as a teenager of not wanting to wear something homemade - it had to be the brand names that everyone else was wearing. But these days I prefer to wear something different to everyone else, maybe your daughter will eventually change her mind and start stealing your clothes, especially this great top!