Friday, March 23, 2012

A bit of mincing

I'd been wanting to buy a mincer for quite a while, but hadn't really found anything until two weeks ago, out checking out my local town shops with Libby.
"Going to do a bit of mincing, are we?" the (gay) shopkeeper asked with a bit of a wink.
Well, yes pal, but not the mincing you're thinking about.
I've used it a few times now, but not to mince meat, yet. A friend of mine who was born in Jordan makes the most amazing hummus. Smooth and creamy, not like mine which always seems a bit dry.
When I asked about her recipe, I checked off the ingredients. Chickpeas, check. Tahini, check. Salt, lemon juice, garlic, check, check check.
The difference, though, is to process the chickpeas through a mincer. Somehow they come out smoother. Don't ask me why.


africanaussie said...

gosh I didn't think they still sold those kinds of mincers. My mom used to take the sunday roast along with all the leftover vegetables and gravy and put it all through the mincer, Cover it with mashed potato and it made the most delicious cottage pie for Monday nights dinner.

Tracy said...

I love my old style mincer but washing it up (especially after meat) is a real chore.

Libby said...

Now I know what to do with the mincer attachment for my kitchenaid :-). Thanks.