Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Valentine to my Fig Tree

Dear Fig Tree
This valentine is several days late, but I know you won't mind. You're not demanding. You don't have high expectations. You just quietly go about your business, and do what you do best - shower us with figs every February.
It's been that way ever since we got together in 2003. You arrived with a bunch of your mates from Daley's. You were all skinny little sticks then. Now look at you - you're all magnificent trees (okay, we won't talk about poor old mango. It's a bit too cold for her, but she still hangs in there, doesn't she?).
But fig tree, you won my heart. Your mates demand constant attention, especially those pesky stone fruit trees. Pruning, feeding, spraying for fruit fly. It never stops. But you, dear fig tree demand nothing, except a bit of net around December. That's it.
You grew when we were going through the worst drought ever. And now our footsteps squelch after what seems like months of rain (even up a hill, as we are), you are as productive as you ever were. No fuss.
Every February we pick buckets of figs. I eat figs, morning, afternoon and evening - I never get tired of them. Best of all, there are plenty of figs to make my favourite jam, as above: fig jam with star anise and chinese five-spice. This will put a smile on my face as I spread it on my breakfast toast as we slide into winter.
So, fig tree, 2012 is as good a year as ever. May there be many more.
Love always,


africanaussie said...

I just got a fig tree this year, and it is very tiny still - I hope mine grows up to be like yours... If valentines messages are required I guess I could go that route too.

achan said...

Can you share your recipe? I made my first fig jam from locally grown figs this year and it was so good. I heard green figs are yummy too I'll just have to try and find some!!