Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been fiddling around with sprouting seeds on and off for a while now.
I've tried using jars covered with muslin secured with an elastic band. The idea is you soak the seeds, in the jar, then upend it, allowing the water to run through the muslin, a couple of times a day. Sounds straightforward, but in practice, the water just didn't run off properly. Lots of water would be left, so I would end up straining the seeds through a sieve, then trying to put them all back into the jar, losing quite a few along the way. Too much of a palaver for me.
I bought this contraption at the local nursery a couple of months ago. It is a lot more user friendly. You just pour water into the top tray. The water runs through all the layers, and then ends up in the bottom tray which you empty. Easy peasy. Above are two trays of snow pea spouts and a mix of alfalfa and radish sprouts.
I've also used lentils.
Still haven't got it weighed off though. It seems you need to sprout a LOT of seeds, to fill the punnets you would normally buy. The tray of alfalfa/radish sprouts went onto one sandwich. Meanwhile, I ended up snipping the snow pea sprouts indvidually, because the seeds themselves aren't terribly palatable. A bit tedious, I tell you. The lentil sprouts weren't too bad - I used them whole in a salad.
Also, the seeds you buy for sprouting I reckon are expensive. Looking at ordering some through Green Harvest online.
Do you sprout? What are your favourite sprouting seeds? And how do you do it?


africanaussie said...

I just use the bulk lentils that I buy for soup and they sprout fine. I have been reading about sprouting chick peas before boiling and then they supposedly cook up quicker and don't have that dry taste .. been meaning to try that.

Libby said...

It's a great sprouter isn't it? I have the same one. I go through phases with using it though as I'm the only one who eats sprouts.