Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Made by Me - Simplicity 2246 - Traveller Dress

Second in the Made by Me series. The new machine has really got me enthused, and I've realised that my slow sewing rate to date was due to 1) the constant fiddling I had to do with the old machine to get it to sew properly  resulting in 2) reluctance to engage with said machine.
This is Simplicity 2246, one of the Lisette range currently in the catalogue. I used a chambray with a silky feel I picked up at Tessuti fabrics. Lovely to wear.
I cut a 16 top and 18 skirt, but think I could cut 16 below the waist too - there is rather a lot of ease there.
Alterations: lowered the bust dart, omitted lower pockets, lengthened 10cm, shorted the sleeve to above elbow length and added width.
Thumbs up: An easy to sew pattern, very straightforward. Kudos to me for getting this set-in sleeve about  right, a feat I've never been able to achieve prior to this. To do this, I ran three gathering lines between the notches, pinned it into the armhole to get the fit, then steam shrunk it over a tailor's ham, then re-pinned with gazillion pins and sewed from the sleeve side - it worked! I also sewed the underarm area twice, as this area will take a bit of stress.
Thumbs down: Brickbats to me for omitting a button - I used 8 instead of the specified nine. After wearing it for a day, I realise why 9 was specified. Hmm - a few discreet snaps are in order to take up the slack. I'm also not a fan of the cut-in-one collar and stand. When I make this again, I'll revert to the traditional collar and stand.
Verdict - I enjoyed making this dress, and enjoy wearing it.
Now I'll just have to figure out how to photograph this stuff properly.


Tracy said...

I think it looks great. I saw a Lisette pattern in the recent spotlight catalogue and thought it was cute and now I will definitely give one a go.
I envy you having to lengthen hemlines, I always have to shorten, I'm only 155cm. Jeans are the worst.

achan said...

It looks great, you don't look like you nee an 18 though!! It's amazing what a new machine will do :)
What will you make next?

Libby said...

Looks great Paola. So clever.