Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Made by Me - 50 cent serve of Sorbetto

Ok, so I promised I would start posting photos of my sewing projects after I bought my beloved Bernina 330 last month. Here is the first in what I hope will be regular "Made by Me" postings.
This top is Colette Patterns' Sorbetto top, which, if you are interested, is available as a free download here.
This is a simple sleeveless top - no, you aren't seeing me model it without the cardi.I'm not showing my upper arms to anyone.
I made a simple few alterations and changes. I dropped the bust dart about an inch, and lengthened the top about 5 cm (I am 175cm - this is pretty standard alteration for me). Also, instead of an exposed bias binding, I sewed the binding to the inside. I only had a small amount of fabric left to make bias binding. I could get enough metrage, but only at the cost of lots of joins, which don't look so hot on the outside.
It is a very easy top to make. If you are a beginner, I would definitely encourage you to try it. There are no buttons or zips to fiddle around with - a straightforward make.
I also like that this top is made from one of the few good Vinnies finds I've had. I don't know - so many people seem to strike gold often at Vinnies - not me. I did find this fabric at the local Vinnies for 50c. Yay.  It looks and feels like a cotton/poly blend, and though it doesn't show in the photo it has tiny embossed butterflies.
So free  pattern - 50c for fabric - even the cotton was a left over from my marathon curtain making effort of 2006  (8 sets of curtains). You gotta love that.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Wow that's amazing value Paola, and a lovely looking top. I haven't done any sewing for a long time, hope to get into a bit sometime in the future. It's very satisfying to make your own clothes.
Best wishes Bridget

africanaussie said...

that is a lovely pattern - thanks for sharing. You did a great job too - i love it with that cardi and necklace, although here it is just too hot to worry about anyone seeing my upper arms. Sleeveless tops are my favourite.