Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White peaches

Luxury. A sinkful of peaches - white (can't remember the variety) and Golden Queens. You have to be careful with the white peaches. They drip with juice, and are so sweet. The Golden Queens don't drip juice. They are firm and yellow. Mainly used for canning.
My big regret when I chose the varieties of peach to plant was that I didn't go for freestone varieties. Both are clingstone. Not a big deal when you eat them fresh, but a little harder to work with when you are looking to cook or preserve.
Vegies and fruit are coming in the door thick and fast: tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, beans, figs, grapes, passionfruit, lemons, beetroot. No lettuces - they just go straight to seed in this hot, humid weather.
Meanwhile, mildew has attacked the zucchini. It's been really wet, and the last few days have been hot, so mildews and fungus are everywhere.
February is our most productive month by far - would that it came 12 times a year.


kbenco said...

I am wildly jealous. Our peaches come from the supermarket, ,reprehsibly, because they do not grow here, but I cannot resist them.

Carolyn said...

What an amazing garden you must have! I adore peaches... yum, but we get ours at the market.
Thank you for your comment, and how sad that your mother's old Burdas were thrown out! That is one of the main reasons I talked my mother into letting me house her collection, to keep them safe from a clean-out.

achan said...

I'm sure you savored every moment and every mouthful of those peaches after all that you've been through! I know I would have : )

We only get white peaches here and they are gorgeous. My MIL has only ever seen yellow peaches in a can and she thought that food colouring was added to white peaches to make them yellow!!