Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Over the last few weeks I've been enjoying one of my favourite types of holiday - the staycation.

What have I been up to? Not very much, actually. I've been sleeping in, cooking, reading, pottering in the garden, sewing, listening to the cricket, and going to the beach almost daily to walk the dog. For the first time in ages I feel rested instead of teetering between tired and exhausted.

The picture above is taken at Jervis Bay. Look at it - pure white sand, crystal seas, almost deserted. Why would I need to go anywhere else?

The weather has been pretty cool for summer, which is fine by me! We've had very few days that have cracked 30 degrees, mostly hovering around 25 degrees. Would that summers were always this pleasant!

Had two forays to Sydney - first to the first day of the Second Test between Australia and India at the SCG. I go with two girlfriends, Jane and Therese, and this year Jane brought her daughter. Just looking around, I can confidently say we were the only all-female group. Watching cricket is only part of the fun, we also get six hours uninterrupted chat time, and I brought a picnic so there was some good food to be had. Too good.

The second trip was to see Ira Glass, the host of my very favourite podcast This American Life, present a show/talk Reinventing Radio. I was really looking forward to this one. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. For one thing, the show could have done with an edit. It was about 30 minutes too long. For another, the sound was pretty bad, and his rapid fire delivery made it hard to understand him at times. And the seats at the Town Hall, where I sat with my knees hard up against the seat in front were torture. Sigh.

Been surfing around the blogs too. So much to inspire out there. Apart from the simple living blogs, I am a big fan of sewing/craft blogs, and I've been toying with starting up my own sewing blog. Then I give myself a good talking to - I can barely give proper attention to the blog I have. And I don't really want to finish up this blog. Maybe a bit of sewing on this blog?? Stay tuned.

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Libby said...

Glad you're enjoying our lovely beaches. I don't go anywhere near enough but always love it when I do (in fact we went today). Can't believe there's just one more week of school holidays left. I'm sad. You'll have to let me know what days are good for you for a catch up in a couple of weeks.