Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A new addition

No, not what you might think.
Here's the new addition - a Bernina 330 sewing machine.
After enduring one too many frustrating sessions at my old machine, with its self-adjusting tension and stitch length, usually mid- seam (yes, it was regularly serviced), I took myself off and treated myself to this little beauty.
My mother sewed nearly all my clothes from primary school to wedding dress on her manual Bernina. It sewed like a dream. A couple of years ago, I bought a Bernina overlocker, and it too is a pleasure to sew with.
Since I brought this home last week I have spent a bit of time getting to know this beautiful thing. It's seam is brilliant. I can't think of a purchase I have made in my life that has made me smile more.
Another reason I was hanging out for a new machine was this pattern the Beignet skirt from Colette Patterns. Twelve buttons and buttonholes down the front. Completely undoable with my old machine, which had a woeful buttonhole from the get-go.
Stay tuned projects off the new machine..

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Libby said...

Have fun. Hopefully you can inspire me to get sewing. Better get our machine fixed first :-)