Friday, January 20, 2012

Laundry Liquid

Every three months or so, it's time to make another batch of laundry liquid. I've been doing this for about two years using the recipe from Rhonda's Down to Earth blog here.

With only three ingredients: pure soap, washing soda and borax, it isn't complicated and it doesn't take all that long to make. The total amount of time required directly is about 30 minutes from go to bottling, with some time in between to let the mixture cool.

I do have difficulty tracking down washing soda locally - even the hardware stores don't have it. The hardware stores suggested the local chemical suppliers. They have washing soda, but only in 40kg bags! Enough to last me - oh, a lifetime I should think!

I ended up tracking down washing soda crystals, and even though Rhonda specifies not to use them, I have with no problem.

I also find that the mixture cools to form a large jelly-like blob. It has the most interesting slimy texture! At this point, before I decant from bucket to 10 litre bottle, I put a litre at a time into a plastic jug and then I use a stick-blender to turn the jelly into liquid.

But the bottom line is...does it work?? Well, the fact I've been making this for two years says that I think it does pretty well forthe most part. However, after a while of using it I decided I needed to soak my husband and son's work/school shirts in Napisan prior to washing as the laundry liquid alone didn't seem to deal with the grime around the collar and cuffs in paricular. I ask you, how the heck do they get so grubby?

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cleaninup said...

This is interesting because I've thought of making laundry soap for years but have a similar problem locating reasonable amounts of washing soda. We started making our own soap about 10 years ago and I really enjoy it (more the using than the making). I like knowing what's in there. Plus it's so cheap. And makes a great gift.