Monday, December 12, 2011

New season garlic

Whoops - that's another month gone without blogging. Where did that go?

Happy days a few weeks ago. Just as last year's garlic was starting to look really sad and sorry, the new season garlic was ready to pick.
Of all the things we grow here, if I was asked to pick just one crop to grow, it would be garlic. It goes without saying that the fresh stuff is better than the stuff we get from China, Spain or Peru. Did you know fresh garlic is juicy? It is! I don't think I every saw juice come out of any garlic clove I ever bought.
It's also incredibly easy and hassle free. Just stick your cloves in the ground pointy side up and wait. Really. That's all I ever did.
The garden is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. After a few oppressively hot days in November, interspersed with cool, wet days, we've had a run of cold weather, the coldest start to summer in 51 years. I am sitting here in December in my trackies. Unheard of. Not being a particular lover of hot weather, I'm quite happy with this state of affairs except that the garden doesn't seem to know what to do. Growth and ripening is a bit slow. By now we are hitting the most productive time of year in the vegie patch here, but I can see peak vegie harvesting is going to be a bit late this year.
After eight years here I can say no two years are ever the same in the garden.

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