Sunday, December 18, 2011


Pretty exciting developments in the winemaking department - "proper" labels! We had the above label designed by a friend who is a graphic designer. The motif is homage to our dog, Dash, who of course had nothing whatsoever to do with the making of the wine, but he's pretty darn cute, so why not?

GSM is a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mouvedre grapes - unfortunately the grapes are not our own. The 2010 season was rained out, as was the 2011 and it looks like, the 2012. At the stage of considering ripping out half our vines (we have about 100) but after eight years it's a bit of heart wrenching decision.

Fruit in general presents a bit of a challenge where we are: south of Sydney, near the coast. I guess you would call us maritime temperate - coolish winters, warm humid summers (except at the moment - cool and humid). It doesn't get cool enough for good stone fruit, apples and pears. It doesn't get warm enough for tropical fruit. Citrus does well enough, and figs and passionfruit. The rest we fight for. And of course, fruit fly loves our climate, so it's a constant battle with them too.

On the upside, we have good soil and rain, even when the rest of the country is in drought. So we keep going on, although treacherous thoughts of the ultimate prune do flash through my mind at times!

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Tracy said...

Great label Paola.
I hear you about the fruit. I think most of want to grow all of the fruit we love but it is probably best to stick with what is best for our areas. I would love to grow mangoes and other tropicals here but even passionfruits can't stand up to the winters.
Good luck with your grapes. I hope you don't have to take them out.