Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vitamin D Deficient! Who knew?

I've been feeling rather less than perfect lately. Tired, so tired. The sort of tired that had me craving 10 hours sleep after a ten hour sleep.
At first I just ignored it. You know, I'm of a certain age, with kids, a job, a dog, 5 acres to look after, a (neglected) blog, parents and the whole palaver. Life's tiring, after all.
Well, I just got sick of it. I hauled myself to the doctor.
"So why are you here to day?" says my charming German lady doctor.
"Well, I've been feeling very tired lately.."
"You are of a certain age..."she says.
"But I can hardly haul myself out of bed in the morning".
Being charming, she agrees to do a blood test.
And I am Vitamin D deficient. Very much so. And tiredness is a symptom.
How can this be? I live in Australia after all. Everything's about staying out of the sun- melanoma, you know! I thought the only people who had Vitamin D deficiency in these partswere the very elderly frail folk, Goth emos who sleep during the day and Muslim ladies who wear hijab.
But no, it seems you can be of a certain age, walk your dog daily, work in the garden often and still have Vitamin D deficiency.
Admittedly, while I do these things I am obsessively covered up - long pants and sleeves, hat, sunblock. I don't want skin cancer (and ok, I am trying to avoid the wrinkles too).
So now I am on Vitamin D supplements, and have been ordered to get into the sun for ten minutes morning and afternoon without sunblock.
So I've been on 3000mg of Vitamin D a day, and have been out and about without sunscreen, which I don't enjoy frankly(the sans sunscreen thing- not the out and about. I swear I can feel myself cooking).
I feel better already.


achan said...

Wow you too! Do you know how common this is becoming in Australia now. I did a post on it last year after a friend of a friend went into coma and they couldn't figure out why. Finally diabetes caused by vit D deficiency was given as the reason. She too covered up as living in central Australia it's necessary to. It was the first time I ever heard of it and then my mum was diagnosed deficient last year too :( I'm glad you were proactive and sort out a reason some would have just soldiered on.

Belinda said...

I was surprised to find that it's now a standard test run in pregnancy cause so many of us are at least "insufficient" if not actively "deficient". As long as your 10 minutes a day is before 10am or after 3pm you won't be cooking, even at the height of summer.

Slip, slop, slap is an important message but as with all things our body needs some natural time every day to work the way it should.

Kind Regards

africanaussie said...

I had the same thing - couldn't figure out what was wrong. Are you diabetic? I am and it seems that diabetics use up more vitamin D than normal. clearly there is a middle road with sun exposure that we need to all find.