Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday night soup - Potage Bonne Femme

I've explained before that Friday night is soup night around here, served about 5.15pm just before we head out to swimming club night. AM and the kids swim, I take up my post in Lane 4 and timekeep.

Soup fills a hole, but not so much as to weigh the swimmers down.

This soup is described in one of my French cookbooks as Potage Bonne Femme - Good Woman Soup - which I rather like over the more prosaic Vegetable soup.

I use whatever's around and ready to eat in Potage Bonne Femme - this one had leeks, potatoes, celery, silverbeet and zucchini, all sweated off for 10 minutes slowly in a bit of olive oil, then water and salt, and 5 minutes at low pressure in my beloved pressure cooker. Then add lots of pepper.

Thanks for the comments on my last post on my recently discovered Vitamin D deficiency.
Achan, I've heard of a couple of people with the same thing since sharing this diagnosis. I've never heard of it as a problem here in Aus but obviously things are changing. As Belinda points out, it is now a screening test in pregnancy - I don't recall this when I was having my kids 13 and 11 years ago.
Africanaussie, I don't think I'm diabetic. The blood test was a comprehensive one and blood sugar was good.
Anyway, I am feeling much less tired, and I think that my summer activities will help top up my levels, so hopefully I will keep on top of it now.

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