Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Appliance woes

Sigh. I really need to be in the kitchen at the moment, but I had to get away. The breadmaker is on its knead cycle and is emitting loud squeals with each turn of the paddle. The noise is enough to make my fillings vibrate. I fear this development does not bode well for its future. It's only 18 months old, heavens! OK it's probably done 5 loaves a week average since then, but I hoped it would last a bit longer.
Back in the kitchen I've had a run of appliance blowouts. My rice cooker (10 years old) blew up, so I got another. And now my much loved electric frypan (5 years old) has also gone the same way.
I should point out that I rely a lot on appliances, as I only have a two burner stove. I actually have three burners (Why only three? I don't know!I didn't build this kitchen), but the wok burner also blew up about two years ago, and the quote to fix it would buy me a new stovetop. But that would also mean a kitchen reno, which I am disinclined to do. So I muddle along in the kitchen with careful planning, bolstered by appliances. And you know, 99% of the time it's not a problem. Maybe we don't need the full palaver anyway.
What annoys me though, is not so much that these things break, but that it is almost impossible to have them repaired. The sheer, utter waste of it really gets my goat!
Meanwhile, next door in the laundry, my 10 year old Fisher and Paykel is churning out yet another load of washing. It hasn't missed a beat in all that time. I love my washing machine. (she writes with fingers crossed, not a bad achievement).


Linda Woodrow said...

One of my pet hates - kitchen stuff that is made to break. It's like a cargo cult - appliances made to look like the real thing, but actually just plastic junk on a very short path between the factory and landfill. (Oops, I'm in danger of getting into a rant). I love my Braun food processor - bought second hand at least 10 years ago and used several times a week, and my Braun stick blender, but not much else. I think tools are the same. My partner has a much loved Metabo drill that is actually a real tool. I'm determined to buy very few appliances and only ones made to last - not just to save the expense and frustration, but also because I think it is one of the most powerful things we can do to keep from trashing the planet.

Libby said...

Seems to always be the way that everything goes at once. Things definitely aren't made like they used to be. I agree it's so sad things can't get fixed.