Friday, October 7, 2011

On my mind - decluttering

This is my first contribution to Rhonda's On My Mind series.
This corner of my study has been on my mind for a while. Its a disaster. It badly needs a decluttering. The filing cabinet is packed with old paper work that I really need to go through. The cupboard is full of old books and textbooks, wrapping paper, brown paper, bubble wrap etc etc - the sort of stuff that you keep because it "might come in handy one day" and "one day" rarely comes. That paperwork stacked on the computer desk is old school stuff - it too needs a purge. Propped up against the filing cabinet is a white board Action Man rescued from a renovation at work. It needs to find a home or its "out". There is a stack of files on the floor that belong to AM. On top of the cupboard are boxes for various bits of computer/camera equipment. On the computer desk is two old desktop computers and a defunct printer and busted shredder, as well as discs from the last eleventy years.
Sigh. There's a day's work there.
This corner of doom really sucks the energy out of this room (it is behind me as I write). Maybe that's why I don't blog as often as I should. That corner of doom is like a silent admonishment to me every time I sit at the computer!
Oh well, it looks like another rainy weekend. Maybe - this is the weekend to tackle it.

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Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Trust me Paola, your messy corner is nothing on what we have here at CTF!

Seriously several days of hard yakka to clean up, it is so depressing! I am the same and find it affects me greatly, my daily efforts to tidy up don't seem to get me very far and it does indeed seem to zap my energy.

Oh well, one day maybe we'll have a tidy house without all the clutter!
Trouble is we find it hard to throw stuff out when it might come in handy someday..!