Sunday, October 16, 2011

Berry Garden Festival

Ok, so I've tried twice to upload a series of photos from today's visit to the Berry Garden Festival. I had a picture of the Taj Mahal of chook sheds, a vege patch to make you salivate, gorgeous garden borders, an enormous bougainvillea climbing up a tree, shady groves, a croquet lawn and a lily pond.

But no, Google and my lazy satellite connection don't want to play that game. So in the end, I'm posting just one photo from my trawl around the gardens on show - this outdoor shower, with hot and cold running water. This really appeals to me. I could get AM to shower outside, instead of trailing bits of grass through the house after he's been in the garden. I'm imagining lovely cool showers outside on hot summer nights. One of my most vivid memories of a trip we did to Malaysia 20 years ago was taking outdoor showers at one of the cheap-and-cheerful places we stayed on Langkawi Island, just like this one. It was fantastic. where should it go?

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