Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Positional problems

One of my goals in the garden this season is to grow a lot more of my veg from seed. So far, I've only done this with beans, lettuce and sometimes tomatoes.

So I planted my first lot of seeds - zucchini, watermelon (courtesy of Tracy) and various lettuces - into a seed tray about ten days ago.

First of all germination has been patchy. Out of six seeds, only one zucchini has germinated. Ditto watermelon. Lettuces about 50-50. Then the other day we had a very warm day (its been very cold, then very warm, then very cold again), and it fried some of the lettuces

I think the main problem is where to position the tray. Its under our verandah, which gets a bit of morning sun. Last Friday it would have been in direct sun (I was at work) for a few hours. With this cold weather, it's not getting sun, but it is well, cold!

Placing the seed tray is a bit of head scratcher - somewhere with even temperatures, close enough to the house for me to remember to tend it, out of the ways of chooks, dogs and bower birds.

Hmmm. Maybe direct sowing would be easier? Maybe I should just be patient and wait for it to warm up a bit? Any thoughts out there?

Meanwhile, flowering this week is the banksia rose all along our boundary fence, an example above. It's really magnificent, but unfortunately not in a position to be readily appreciated!


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Well I was all geared up to sow my zucchini and pumpkin seeds but my gardening magazine said to hold off until next month when the soil has warmed up, so I guess it might just be too cold.
Do you have a cloche or can you cover with a plastic bag? Mine did OK with this protection last year.

Paola said...

Yes, I'm thinking that I should hold off for another week or so. The seeds are under a plastic cover with holes, so I thought that would help. I'll just keep trying until it gets sorted.