Saturday, September 24, 2011

Little by little

Dash and half a bucket of bindies

Over the last month or two, Action Man and I have been busy in the garden, not just the vegie patch but the rest of the garden too. We've pruned and pruned our shrubs - long overdue. We've pulled out one of the beds and replanted. Most amazingly, I have been paying attention to the lawn around the house.Little by little I've been pulling out the bindies. I've killed off the weeds with a mixture of river sand and sulphate of ammonia.I've spent a few hours criss crossing the lawn with the garden fork to aerate the lawn. And today, it is looking like rain so I'll be out flinging blood and bone to encourage some growth. I'm even thinking that it could use a bit of top dressing.
This patch of lawn gets a lot of use, but precious little of my time, so I hope it appreciates the sudden burst of love!

Meanwhile in the orchard, I've stunned myself by getting on with putting the exclusion bags for fruit fly on the stone fruit exactly on time - when the petals drop. Little by little, I'm getting around to all the trees.

Fruit set this year has been impressive - too impressive. I'm doing the counter-intuitive things and knocking off some of the fruit, in order to encourage few, bigger fruits. Also, fewer fruit make it easier to fit the exclusion bags. With a little luck, I will have foiled the ***!!$$ fruit fly this year.

Let's hope so!

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