Saturday, August 20, 2011

New lamb

Here is the Houdini of sheep, Woolly Jumper (the main culprit of the great vegetable patch sheep rampage of the previous post) and her brand-new lamb born last Monday. He's a beauty, nice and strong and putting on weight at a great rate. This photo was taken on Wednesday, and his body has filled out a lot in three days. He is also much too fast to catch and cuddle. Sigh. They grow up too quickly.
It's lovely when we start the new lambs are born. This year, though, it is bittersweet. This year's batch of lambs will be the last sired by our ram-of-long-standing, Rambo. We had him for seven years and he was pretty old then. So it wasn't too surprising when about 6 weeks ago, without any warning, we found him in the paddock. Very sad - Rambo was our friendliest sheep, and he always came up to say hello when you went out. More likely, he was checking out whether you had anything to eat. Never mind, we miss him.


Libby said...

Love baby animals. You're so lucky to have your own. Sad about Rambo but he obviously had a great life.

emilysincerely said...

It sounds like Rambo had a great life with you and your family. Wooly Jumper's new little boy is beautiful. Emily