Saturday, July 9, 2011

Podcasts to prune by

We have over 100 grape vines, all that need to be pruned around this time of year. Painstaking stuff. Guess who got that job?
Actually, it's not too bad. I pick my days - nice sunny ones, preferably. There's something kind of soothing about doing the same thing over and over, and you can look back along your row to see how much you've done. Still - it takes me hours -something like 8.
This is where I thank my lucky stars I've come into this job in the age of podcasts. Here are a few of my favourite podcasts to prune by:

This American Life - each week this show presents 3-4 stories on a theme, mostly centred around stories of "normal" Americans (ie. not movie stars, shock jocks and Barack Obama - not that they are abnormal, necessarily). You don't need to be American to be rivetted.

Planet Money - another podcast from US Public Radio. Complex and wide-ranging enough to appeal to my inner economics geek, but engaging enough I believe for anyone with the slightest interest in the way the world works. Great stuff.

The Life with Roy and HG - and for something completely different. I spent many Sundays afternoons listening to Roy and HG burble on about sport on JJJ-FM whilst writing university essays. That was a long time ago, ahem. They were funny then, they are funny now. It helps, though, to have a working knowledge of rugby league, which I suppose limits their audiences to those in NSW, Queensland and maybe, maybe New Zealand. Princes of the leg-pull.

Life Matters - If I am at home at 9am on a weekday, I'll put this on ABC Radio National. Now I am working 4 days a week, I don't get to listen, but hooray, can podcast. All sorts of discussions on all sorts of life matters. And you can choose the segments you listen to.

There are others but that enough for now. I've linked to each website, but you can download all of these as I do on iTunes.

Any other must-listen podcasts out there? I'm always on the hunt for new ones.


Tracy said...

I also like Conversations with Richard Fidler which is on ABC radio.
I would like to send you a little something from my giveaway(you weren't too late). Just send me an email with your address to sunnycornerfarm at

Paola said...

Conversations with RF is a bit of regular for me too - I was only listening to his discussion with the Dalai Lama today while cleaning the kitchen.