Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strawberry guava jelly - the update

I can't make up my mind whether I am happy or annoyed with myself that the post that elicits the most hits on this blog by far is one that I did over two years ago on making Strawberry Guava Jelly.

At the time, I wrote that I hadn't taken a photo of how I set up the guavas to drain through a muslin cloth. Two years later, I get around to it.

This weekend, I dragged out a couple of bags of strawberry guavas from the freezer to make jelly. They've been in there since March, when I wasn't in the mood to do anything much.

We had a long weekend here, windy, wet and cold, so it was a good opportunity to catch up on some preserving. I used the same method as in the original post, and gained a couple of jars of guava jelly, much to the delight of Action Man who grew up on the stuff in rural Queensland.

Meanwhile...to all those visitors who find their way here through Google. Stay a while, check out the blog.. leave a comment. Let me know how your guava jelly goes!

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Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yep, my strawberry guava jelly post of a few months ago also gets loads of hits. I think its because everyone has such a terrible time getting the stuff to set!!